The Tiger Tested Demos

by Broadcaster

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Effete Dog Demo II Summer Boogaloo
Tracks 1-3
recorded at Crack Alley
engineered by Moe Sherzai and Broadcaster
Track 4
recorded at Empire Guitars
onto portable Tascam digital recorder
mixed by Chris McTernan


released September 2, 2011




all rights reserved


Broadcaster Providence

- "Broadcaster plays fuzzed out, frantic indie rock that clearly has its roots in the classic period of the late ’80s/early ’90s when the indie world was more concerned with rocking out in a basement than growing a beard and recording folk songs in a cabin."
Kevin Finn, The Noise

- Voted Providence Phoenix's Breakthrough Artist of the Year 2011

-Released "Drunkard's Walk" EP on 75orLess Records
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Track Name: No Fun At All
feelin dull and old, we don't have no fun at all
when the cup's half full, it don't seem much fun at all
now we're waitin' on the down, yeah we're waiting for that call
she left me the longest line, it didn't matter much at all
you can take this broken house and make it feel just like a home/sometimes those back-handed compliments are better left alone/you can search for common ground in between the written lines/just a single spark of confidence to leave them all behind
you can have it all, you already had it all
you can have it all, have it all again
on and on and on we go, the broken wheel, the tired spokes
on and on and on we go, on and on and on
and on
and on
Track Name: There You Go Again
it's been creepin up upon me, slightly twisting in my knee/think i'll take a morning stroll, dry my bones out in the breeze
wandered by your domicile where I thought I caught the strangest scent/of red roses rotting in a garbage bin
oh there you go again
i can't seem to get a word in wehn your speaking at that pace/you absorb up all attention to spit it right back in my face
you're always chewing on your word, gnawing on a common phrase/a steady stream of well-rehearsed formality
oh there you go again
Track Name: Tiger Tested
irreverent eyes they stump for hands keep turning glass back into sand, too big to fail
from on the ground the buzzards divide the tattered bones and scraps of hide, too big to fail
they were tiger, tested, tiger-tested
in a perfect world you'd leave this place, with your goddamned tail between your legs, too big to fail
wealthy wastes and then expands, leave us precious room to stand, they're too big to fail
and they're tiger, tiger-tested
they're too big to fail
Track Name: Victorious (acoustic)
Bound and droned and hollowed out
still I remain victorious
there's something about a writer's drought
when it finally breaks it feels so glorious

was it you that called?/does it matter at all?

what's that sound, it's been droning so loud
when the needle finally hits the red it's glorious
put me back to sleep and drop me in a dream
so that I can finally feel victorious

and wake me when it's done/because I'm not having fun