Effete Dog Demo

by Broadcaster

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    3 Demos recorded in Spring 2010 in Worcester, MA. Downloads are essentially "suggested donation," feel free to help yourself to the songs here but if you'd like to throw a buck or two in our virtual guitar case it'd be much appreciated and will help us a ton as we begin working on our first album this September. Enjoy!

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3 demos recorded in spring 2010 in Worcester, MA


released July 1, 2010

McTernan, McTernan, Sherzai, Bergstrom



all rights reserved


Broadcaster Providence

- "Broadcaster plays fuzzed out, frantic indie rock that clearly has its roots in the classic period of the late ’80s/early ’90s when the indie world was more concerned with rocking out in a basement than growing a beard and recording folk songs in a cabin."
Kevin Finn, The Noise

- Voted Providence Phoenix's Breakthrough Artist of the Year 2011

-Released "Drunkard's Walk" EP on 75orLess Records
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Track Name: Waitin' On
Sunlight's burnin' in my eyes
so i hide away til noon
I find solace in my sleep
still it's stolen 'way too soon

i'm just waitin' on my change

Supplement a stagnant wage
Like a slave to sloven fools
Split my check to buy a dime
It always burns away too soon

i'm just waitin' on my change
Track Name: La Brea
wandered down on la brea
fell right into the tar
you've got some stuck in your teeth
you've got a boot on your car

so what happens, so what happens now

smiling mastodon skulls
suffocate with their bones
I think they're trying to say
things just look better that way

so what happens, so what happens now
Track Name: Old Creep
take a seat next to the old creep
he's a legend in this town
he's been drivin' fine on no sleep
but all this drinking's got him down

had a long talk with the old creep
til he banged my head against the bar
said let those fossils fall beyond me
still i'm mired in the tar

lately i've got this sinking feeling
like all my teeth are rotting out
think i've finally hit the ceiling
you got me feelin like an old creep

got me feelin' like an old creep